Welcome to Kelogornitsa (address Leukutie 8 Sirkka)
The cottage is dear to us and we hope you will treat it with respect!

If you notice any deficiencies in the cleanliness of the cottage or anything else agreed upon arrival – Please contact us immediately on +358 400 644770, then we can check / correct the situation, complaints received afterwards cannot be corrected / replaced.

The cottage is equipped with necessities – such as toilet paper to get you started as comfortably as possible in your accommodation, before your first shopping trip.

The booking does not include departure cleaning or sheets / laundry, unless ordered separately.
When you leave the cottage, you must clean it carefully, the dishes must be clean, the rubbish emptied and the empty bottles removed. Please also make sure that the yard is kept in a tidy condition.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to order a final cleaning or linen + towel package.

When using the washing machine and dishwasher, first open the tap – the taps are located on the sink next to the water tap, and be sure to close the taps after use.

The settings of the air source heat pump / heating thermostats must not be affected.

When using candles or outdoor fires – special care must be taken! The tenant is responsible for any damage caused.
Please let us know if anything is broken during your stay.

The apartment has 4 fire alarms that are connected to each other, when one detects a fire everyone will start to sound the alarm.

Smoking is strictly prohibited indoors.

The sauna is switched on / off near the front door from the wind cabinet, avoid keeping the stove on for long periods of time – being on switches off the floor heating. The sauna heats up in half an hour. Hot water is limited, so be frugal about it.
At the end of the sauna, please rinse the benches.

Clothes must not be dried in the sauna or on radiators – risk of fire! There is a drying cabinet in the kitchen.

The basement apartment of the property may have a resident at the same time, neither apartment can access the other apartment.

At the end of your visit, be sure to put the key back in the key cabinet! We recommend keeping the key in the key cabinet of the assembler. The forwarding company charges for opening the door.

When heating the fireplace, open the fireplace damper located on the left side of the fireplace near the front door (the front panel above must not be touched). Heating should start with a small fire. Once the embers have been extinguished, the damper must be

closed. It is not worth burning in the fireplace except for a maximum of 2 nests or otherwise the temperature of the cottage will become too hot – the large aggregate will still heat up considerably after closing the damper. Firewood is located at the back of the carport.
If you have not ordered final cleaning – the ashes should be emptied from the nest into a metal ashtray (found outside on the terrace) and the firewood should be brought to the next one.

Organizing parties and renting hot tubs are forbidden!
At the end of the visit – be sure to check that the taps of the washing machines are closed!

Check-in from 4 p.m.
Check out no later than 12 noon.

I wish you enjoyable moments in Kelogornitsa!

Hanna Kulmala – the owner of the cottage pp. +358 400 644 770

Cottage forwarding: NTH North
Timo Helaniva
p + 358 41 581 9894